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Chiropractic Care


Phillips Chiropractic offers a principled chiropractic evaluation, consultation, and specific adjustment.  On your first visit, you will be given a Consultation, Full Examination, and X-rays if necessary. If the doctor thinks its appropriate they may give a relief treatment. On the second visit, the doctor will give a detailed report of the patient's treatment. After the report of findings, the patient will receive treatment and therapy if the doctor feels is necessary. The therapy we offer in our office is called intersegmental traction. What intersegmental traction does Is it separates your vertebrae to allow the blood flow through to your disc, it exercises your muscles and ligaments, while stimulating important acupuncture points.


Why Chiropractic:
The purpose of chiropractic care is not the treatment of conditions or disease; rather, it is the restoration of normal body function. As chiropractors, we work with the nervous system via gentle spinal adjustments. We reduce stress related interference to the nervous system, thereby enhancing overall body function. All the systems of the body — circulatory, digestive, eliminatory, hormonal, glandular, immunological, muscular, reproductive, respiratory, and skeletal — depend on the optimal function of the nervous system.

Who should get adjusted?
I absolutely believe that everyone should be under chiropractic care. Regardless of the choices you make, the chiropractic approach will improve your inherent ability to function. Doesn’t it make sense to have your body functioning at an optimal level for healing no matter how (or if) you choose to treat various symptoms?

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